Contractor Disputes

Construction Contracts & Waivers

You can reduce the risk of a Mechanics Lien on your property before any work starts by making sure your contract has adequate provisions to protect you. Illinois law requires contractors to provide sworn statements before payments are due from owners – but only if the statement is requested. Sworn statements list all of the subcontractors and material suppliers involved in the project so an owner can ensure those hired by the general contractor are being paid for their work. Demanding a proper lien waiver in exchange for payment will reduce the potential claimant’s right to a Lien by the amount paid. Make sure your project is structured to diminish the likelihood of Liens being filed against your property.

You may have to pay twice for the same work if you fail to get the proper paperwork before you make any payments to the general contractor. Avoid this expensive pitfall by making sure you obtain the right documentation.